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School Library 2.0 - links and activities


This wiki has been created by Anne Morgan and Esther Casey from the Auckland centre of the National Library of New Zealand.  Its purpose is to informally provide links to resources referred to in our courses.



Examples of School Libraries 2.0




East High Fictitious school library blog intended to showcase ideas for school library blogs


Voices from the Inglenook  Includes student video book reviews featuring the Library Cat - guards student anonymity


Queenstown Primary School Invites comments from staff students and parents


Fendalton School Library Relevant and timely links - shows importance of updating content regularly


Golden Bay High School Eye catching layout, includes good links and homework help


Huntingtown High School Example of a mother blog with links to class wikis


Wellington College Library School library blog, check out the del.icio.us links making use of tags through genres and linking to reviews


Scotch College - The Portal Australian college library blog, allows posts & comments from students, includes user guidelines plus info on how to safely post and comment


Mepham High School Library American high school library blog, library tour video using animoto, label is 'library orientation', title 'This year is sure to rock'


Botany Downs Secondary College Barbara was on the course with us and has since created this blog.  Well done Barbara, there are lots of things here that your students will find really useful going into the new term.  It will be great to see it develop.




Penrith Public School Library's Wiki Example of student participation


St. Mark's Library Lion Links Effective layout that links library to teaching


Plymouth Regional High School Library Wiki Good learning support for students - click the ipod link


Decatur High School Used for pathfinders and learning support - links to library blog


Start page


Dublin City Public Libraries Not a school library but an indication of what you could do with a start page.  Lots of links to other applications such as Flickr and Del.icio.us.


Social Networking


Several New Zealand public libraries are using bebo to promote their services to teens.  Here are a couple of examples.


Auckland City Libraries


Rotorua Public Library




Resources referred to during presentation


School Library Journal -Which wiki is right for you? http://www.schoollibraryjournal.com/article/CA6438167.html


Sunday Star Times - The Downside of Facebook



UK Information Comissioner's Office - Practical tips for keeping your online presence "safe"


Netsafe - The Internet Safety Group


Watchdog - The Ministry of Education funded service to manage schools' internet filtering and firewalls.


Diigo bookmarked link to articles about trustworthiness of wikipedia http://www.diigo.com/user/natlib/wikipedia


School Library Mashup - Sharon Doyle


School Librarian 2.0 - Michael Stephens



Applications to get you started


Learning Tools


Additional resources and further reading


Templates and Tables






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